EFT for adolescents

EFT for adolescents

“A period of big changes leading to vulnerability and emotional fragility”

The brain of an adolescent

The brain of an adolescent

Adolescence is a period of deep brain transformation which influences the behaviour of adolescents.

It is as if the brain is split in 2 with the limbic brain (emotional) on one side, the centre of emotions and rewards, and with the prefrontal brain on the other side which oversees social relations, inhibition of conduct and decision making.

The emotional brain being mature, adolescents will act with their emotions which they will struggle to regulate as the prefrontal brain, in charge of deciphering the emotion to respond to it adequately, is not mature yet (it will mature at around 25 years old according to scientists).

This is also the period of cerebral maturation. The brain will sort through the neurons, which we call “pruning.” It will get rid of neurons which are not used anymore or broken and will reinforce the ones which are most useful to the brain. This cleaning is essential for the learning of new concepts.

Additionally, myelination (myelin is a membrane which isolates and protects certain nerve fibres) allows a better transmission of the nervous message and therefore to think more easily and more efficiently. This is the reason why adolescents can learn many things so easily.

The brain of an adolescent
The behaviour of adolescents

The behaviour of adolescents

The maturity of the emotional brain and the immaturity of the prefrontal lobe explains the incoherent behaviours of adolescents, until endangerment for some; their lack of empathy gives the impression that they don’t care about anything. However, this also allows them to get out of their comfort zone and to experience amazing things, allowing them to develop their personalities before entering the adult life.

In addition to cerebral changes, adolescence is also marked by a great hormonal upheaval triggering emotional instability. For some, the transformations of the body are very difficult to apprehend to the point of causing discomfort, a withdrawal from this body which grew too fast.

It’s also a period where the gaze of others is very important as adolescents will build themselves in reaction to their family, school and social life.

Why should you be consulted?

This period of changes can trigger anxiety in some adolescents, making them vulnerable and fragile.

When the adolescent is anxious, the brain is not available for learning. The memory, the attention and concentration are impacted, which is reflected in academic results.

This anxiety can also be the cause of:

  • A lack of self-confidence, self-esteem
  • Rejection and/or social anxiety
  • Fall back in video games
  • Depression
  • An inability to deal with emotions: anger, violence, rage, rebellion
  • School failure/rejection
  • Procrastination
  • Eating disorders
  • AD(H)D, DYS
  • Use of substances, etc.
Why should you be consulted?
Support from the parents

Support from the parents

Some parents feel overwhelmed and powerless.

In my practice, I support adolescents in emotional management by giving them concrete tools. I also give them tools to organize themselves when revising and doing homework.

I also support the parents from an emotional point of view. I help them understand and read their child’s behaviour. I give them tools to find calm and harmony in their home.


Sophie saved my son twice even though he didn’t want to see any therapists or psychologists. In fact, victim of bullying and sexual assault a few times at school, he wanted to end his life. Thanks to her listening and her effective techniques, even with the youth, my son is recovering from his post-traumatic stress disorder and regaining his joy of living.


My daughter had some difficult moments during her adolescence, she was struggling to see a psychologist and we found an alternative with EFT sessions.

She was able to find the answers to her questions, deal with her emotions and it allowed her to move forwards.

I can tell she is feeling a lot better.



I had EFT sessions with Sophie for a year. EFT allowed me to realise the importance of emotions, what they’re saying, what they’re for or even why it is important to express them. During the sessions, the psyche and the body work together.

Sophie was always listening and kind, I felt understood and secure during the sessions. I strongly recommend this short therapy with Sophie which helped me a lot.


I would like to testify on Sophie’s extremely kind therapeutic support and sincere sympathy regarding my daughter when she was at her worst psychologically, and the flawless follow-up since. We will be eternally grateful to her as she was able to find the answer to a few questions and the unhappiness of our daughter, by establishing a relationship of calmness, of comfort and an appeasement to her emotions.

The contact with Sophie was immediately very human and professional to be able to bring the support and psychological tools that she needed to get out of this negative spiral and bounce back while controlling her emotions. Sophie is always available and reachable to bring relief, support, and comfort, it’s extremely reassuring as a patient, but also as a destitute parent. I strongly recommend Sophie which was and always will be our exceptional “pilar”. Many thanks to her again.